by Martin Webb

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Imagine if Robert Fripp had grown up in the middle-east instead of England or the Mahavishnu Orchestra had explored arabic music instead Indian music. Perhaps the results might have sounded like this.

This is music that crosses genres and defies categories; music that fuses the power of rock with the delicacy of classical music and the exotic melodies and rythms of the Sahara.

"Martin Webb inhabits that gray zone between progressive rock, jazz fusion and world music that only a brave few (Steve Tibbetts, Terje Rypdal and Mark Isham, for instance) have heretofore ventured into. And like these few who've come before him, Webb works with a sound palette that's both eclectic and esoteric, utilizing middle eastern scales, syncopation, tribal drumming, fusion-fueled guitar pyrotechnics and a melodic sense often "outside" the boundaries of conventional rock. Musically, Anjar is an unqualified success, and the stellar production job is just more icing on the cake for stereophiles."
- Charles Van De Kree, aural-innovations webzine.

"Canadian composer and guitarist Martin Webb has released his second album, Anjar, an album that is sonically beautiful and full of delights.

It is hard to try and slot what has been created here into one category, Mr. Webb has created an album that sits somewhere between the worlds of jazz fusion, rock, sounds of the Sahara and progressive rock; a bold and brave move. Martin displays dexterity as he manipulates his guitar relying on a fair smattering of Eastern tones that offer character. The inclusion of these Middle Eastern scales really adds flavour to the whole proceedings. The offbeat rhythms that are used throughout are highly addictive, rhythmic stresses and accents that make this album sound so good as each instrumental glides forth from the speakers offering angelic and heavenly tones.

Sonically we are seeing a world that has been explored in the past, which calls to mind the likes of Mark Isham and Terje Rypdal; the atmospheric soundscapes to some degree also call to mind Pat Metheny and, daft as it sounds, Jean Michel Jarre.

This is an album that can be sampled at any point where the well thought out structures offer reward with each listen as you pick out the little inflections and nuances of each passage. Martin Webb has smartly chosen quality over quantity with the real class lying in the hands of such tracks as The Desert Sand, Puzzles and the rather unusual and strangely beautiful Nightmare in Tibet.

The production work on the album offers great clarity, the music standing out even more and making Anjar a very interesting proposition. Anjar and Martin Webb are well worth checking out especially if you like this approach." - John O'Boyle


released December 1, 2010

Cover photo by Petr Kratochvil.



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Martin Webb Dallas, Texas

Martin Webb is a Canadian guitarist/composer currently located in Dallas, Texas. He has released 3 CDs under his name: The Journey (2005), Anjar (2010) and Happenstance (2016).

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